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The All-Time lists have been constructed by taking the top 20 known and verifiable performances in each event prior to 2008. Since then, performances have been added where they are superior to the 20th best performance.

DATE: 30 May 2017

2016 Almanac

Due to unforseen reasons beyond our control, Almanac 2016 was published late this year. It is now available for download and viewing here

It has been decided that this year there will not be a printed version of Almanac 2016 for sale. Almanac 2016 is therefore available for web-viewing.only.

DATE: 06 Dec 2016

National Champions 1887 – 2016 Book Published

I have updated the Athletics New Zealand National Champions book to include all National Champions of 2016. The book (217 pages) is free for download.

The book lists all National Champions, in winter and summer competitions, in every event and in each age group from 1887.

DATE: 20 Nov 2016

Wind Readings

I have noticed recently that there are a lot of performances in the horizontal jumps and sprint events that meet the performance standard for inclusion into the rankings lists. However, there is no wind reading assigned to the performance and thus the performance cannot be included into the rankings lists. Further, in the horizontal jumps, if the jump series is not stated then I cannot list the best performance with a wind reading of 2.0m.s-1 or below. Your understanding of these criteria for inclusion or non- inclusion into the rankings lists is appreciated.

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NZ Athletes with birthdays today (17th January)

Georgia BONNE17Papanui Toc H CAN
Katie-Rae BOTICA18Port Hills Athletic Club CAN
Sabrina GROGAN25Hill City - University Athletic Club OTG
Tim HAWKES36Wellington Scottish Athletics Club Inc WEL
Charlotte HOLLAND17Auckland City Athletic Club AKL
David RUSH54Leith Harrier & Athletic Club Inc OTG
Martin WHITE22Auckland City Athletic Club AKL
Alyssa WILSON16Karori AAC WEL


Senior Men

10.79  0.9 Joseph MILLAR WBP 24 Sep 1992 Tauranga Twilight Tauranga 01 Jan 2019
22.17  PB 1.1 Josh LEDGER WEL 19 Feb 1997 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
48.57  PB Luke MERCIECA CAN 30 Aug 1998 AAI Senior Meeting Papakura 12 Jan 2019
1:54.97  Simon ROGERS AKL 01 Oct 1989 AACT Summer Series Woden AUS 05 Jan 2019
3:41.70  Nicholas WILLIS WEL 25 Apr 1983 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
4:13.4h  Daniel BALCHIN CAN 13 Aug 1990 Lovelock Classic Timaru 05 Jan 2019
8:28.22  PB Hayden WILDE WBP 01 Sep 1997 Tauranga Twilight Tauranga 01 Jan 2019
15.33  0.0 James SANDILANDS CAN 14 Aug 1996 Lovelock Classic Timaru 05 Jan 2019
53.73  Michael COCHRANE WBP 13 Aug 1991 Strive Programme Perth AUS 05 Jan 2019
2.22  Hamish KERR MWA 17 Aug 1996 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
7.30  1.2 Jordan PETERS MWA 19 Jun 1994 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
14.29  1.7 Scott THOMSON WEL 22 Jun 1992 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
16.63  Nick PALMER HBG 12 Jun 2000 Throwers Camp Christchurch 06 Jan 2019
47.87  Nathaniel SULUPO [SAM] WEL 18 Feb 1998 Cooks Classic Wanganui 15 Jan 2019
50.01  Todd BATES OTG 29 Nov 1994 Lovelock Classic Timaru 05 Jan 2019
70.71  Benjamin LANGTON BURNELL MWA 07 Oct 1992 Throwers Camp Christchurch 06 Jan 2019
42:17.93  Quentin REW WEL 16 Jul 1984 Supernova Track Race Canberra AUS 09 Jan 2019